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Red Velvet Heart

Red Velvet Heart

  • 799
    629 21% off

Extra 50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

500 Gms
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Product Information/Specifications

Red Velvet Heart is available for delivery in Pune and freshly baked at CakeZone Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Price of Red Velvet Heart Cake by Weight

Size/Weight Price
0.5 Kg 629 INR
1 Kg 1169 INR
2 Kg 2269 INR
3 Kg 3369 INR
4 Kg 4509 INR
5 Kg 5609 INR

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say.
21 Reviews
    5/5 stars

My girlfriend was upset with me over something and I tried what not to uplift her mood. I am a loyal CakeZone customer and familiar with their cakes and flowers delivery in Hyderabad options. I placed a heart shape red velvet cake order with my girlfriend's name written on it along with a Cadbury chocolate set and some beautiful looking flowers. CakeZone, as usual, did not disappoint me and delivered the cake on time. My girlfriend called me last night and we talked for a while, everything is sorted out. Cake can mend distances. as far the taste is concerned, CakeZone never compromises on the quality, they are the best in business.

    4/5 stars

I accidently forgot my girlfriend's birthday and that happened 2 year in a row !! I didn't want her to get upset on her day so I tried calling all the cake delivery in Hyderabad shops in Hyderabad but none could deliver the cake at midnight, it was quite a catastrophe.  It was 9 pm and I wanted a fast delivery, I called my friend and he suggested this CakeZone website, y'all should try this once. They were so prompt with the order and the quality wasn't less either. Delivery in Hyderabad could be any easy. Thanks, CakeZone for saving me from a disaster.

    5/5 stars

We were new in Bangalore and don't know from where to buy a cake for our anniversary, then a friend of mine told me about the online cake delivery in Bangalore. I reached to the cakezone website and ordered a red velvet heart cake on my 1st anniversary. We were surprised to see that a midnight cake delivery service available in Banglore. The cake was delivered perfectly. I and my husband were very happy to see the packing and decorations. We indulged with the service of the best cake delivery in Bangalore.

    5/5 stars

I always love to give surprise gift. On the special event of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary; I order the Red Velvet heart cake to reach midnight. Cake zone has an extensive delivery network, that really works for me to make my parents surprise when the cake arrived with a ting-tong calling bell sound just 2 min before 12. Thanks, cake zone. I am your big fan.

    5/5 stars

I got a cake for my boyfriend's birthday at CakeZone in Hyderabad and it was so amazing that the delight was multiplied by many times. He was so happy to get his favorite red velvet cake. I had the best experience at CakeZone.

    5/5 stars

CakeZone is a delightful site serving some lovely desserts and bakery products and the best part is that you can place your order till late at night. Their Red velvet heart Cake is spectacular. Only drawback is that everything is just online as of now.

    5/5 stars

My love for Red velvet heart Cake starts and ends here. Everything on the menu at CakeZone is a must try. Haven't come across a single cake on this site that does not melt in your mouth.

    5/5 stars

I keep ordering from here for desserts time again and again and NEVER have the cakes here disappointed me ever especially their Red velvet heart Cake! This is a real sweet tooth heaven and a classic example of how sticking to what you do best can really make you a specialist!

    5/5 stars

The Red velvet heart cake by CakeZone is simply the BEST! :)

    5/5 stars

I recently ordered a red velvet heart cake from CakeZone on the recommendation of a colleague who had amazing things to say about them. I must say he wasn't wrong. The cake was absolutely delicious!

    5/5 stars

I served their Red velvet heart Cake at a business meeting and it was a huge hit! Thanks for putting everyone in a happy state of mind! I cannot stop telling people about this site. I love it, I love it, and I love it!

    4/5 stars

Well, I have ordered a lot of stuff from here. I am big fan of their Red velvet heart Cake and they are unlike anything I have had before in terms of taste.

    5/5 stars

Thank you! We bumped into CakeZone by mistake, and that is the most enjoyable error I ever made!!! Thank you for your delicious Red velvet heart Cake! My son has severe food allergies to eggs, and now EVERYTIME we have a party to go to we make sure to order for him a special treat! One bite and you are hooked!

    5/5 stars

One of the best online sites for dessert delivery's without a doubt. They are quick, prompt and polite and their red velvet heart cake is simply brilliant. They just melt on impact. I have never eaten anything like that anywhere.

    5/5 stars

I LOVE your red velvet heart cake! They are seriously the best things I have ever tasted! I can't wait until I can get my hands on one again!! Hope you make this a year-round cake so it can join the shelves with all of your other delectable treats. Thanks, CakeZone, you have a customer for life.

    5/5 stars

I had their Red velvet heart Cake a while back. It was amazing. I had never eaten any red velvet heart cake that tasted like that.. I am hooked for life. Could someone please not make this cake so addictive? I mean, I need a gym membership now but I am still gonna keep eating them all Oh my goodness. Nothing but pure delicacy

    5/5 stars

Best Red velvet heart Cake by far! My Fiance and I have been on a search for a decent Red velvet heart cake for our wedding and we think we found our winner! We were just browsing online and we are in love!! Yumm! Price is on point for the amazing quality on offer.

    5/5 stars

This is definitely the BEST red velvet heart cake I have ever had and way better than the competition! They are so moist and fresh! I will definitely keep ordering again from CakeZone for all my cake related requirements.

    4/5 stars

Their Red velvet heart Cake is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I've actually had dreams about it at night. They are always fresh and moist and delish! Lifelong eater!

    4/5 stars

Red velvet heart Cake - never get rid of this one. Perfectly delectable

    4/5 stars

The cake was a bit too sweet for my liking but I enjoyed the cake very much. Really enjoyed the customer support and prompt delivery services.

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