Rich Plum Cake

Rich Plum Cake

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Christmas is the time of merry-making with near and dear ones and some of the captivating cakes are here to sizzle... View more

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Product Description

Christmas is commemorated by the millions of people around the world on December 25th every year and celebrated all around the world by worshipping, singing carols, making Christmas tree, gift-giving and with a Christmas feast. Christmas is almost here and people across the world are gearing up for the merry celebrations, followed by the big night of New Year's Eve. What makes the Christmas and New Year celebrations even more special is the sheer joy of gorging on delectable plum cake, that makes an important part of the festival. Plum Cake is almost an inseparable part of Christmas. The festival is incomplete without this dark, delicious, flavourful cake loaded with nuts. Looking for a super-delicious Plum Cake this winter? Try CakeZone’s Rich Plum Cakes that has the goodness of a variety of dry fruits. The yummylicious cake is prepared by soaking high quality finest grades of raisins, cashews, walnuts, figs, dates and tutti-frutti in a concoction of rum. The cake will surely win everyone's heart. The dark and spongy cakes at Cakezone’s are the labour of love and it is rich in rum soaked dry fruits. This succulent and delicious cake will definitely entice your taste buds. The aroma of the Plum Cake is simply intoxicating and irresistible. The Bakers and cake artists we have selected are the best names of this industry and that’s why we can assure you a great heavenly taste. CakeZone provides you with a giant platter of plum cakes right from Rich Plum Cake, Red Velvet Plumcake, Bar Plumcake and Plum Cupcakes and all these with Rum flavour for an impressive festivity of Christmas celebrations. Rich Plum Cake is a good source of antioxidants, Relieve Digestive Symptoms, Supply Enough Fibre, Vitamins and Good source of Energy. Serve the Plum Cake with a nice cup of tea or with a slice of cheese or with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream or you can also drizzle some condensed milk over this cake for a delicious taste.

Origin of Plum Cake

The story of plum cakes started in medieval England, where it was a popular tradition to observe a period of fasting and abstinence from any kind of feasting in the weeks leading to Christmas. As per the custom, on the eve of Christmas, a rich porridge was cooked and eaten to 'line the stomach' for the upcoming feast. The porridge was prepared with oats, dried fruits, spices, honey, eventually turning into a Christmas pudding. People started using the same ingredients and made fruitcakes with plums and other dried fruits on Christmas. With the passage of time, and as more ingredients made their way into the porridge, it started to resemble its current form. That\'s how plum cakes are believed to have come into existence as a traditional dessert. The rich plum cake or pudding was made a few weeks before Christmas and was saved until the twelfth and final day of celebration. It was served upside down, garnished with a sprig of holly. A small amount of brandy or whisky is poured into holes in the cake every week until Christmas, this process is called “feeding” the cake.

Order Plum Cake Near me online

CakeZone provides best plum cakes online for home delivery all over India. We bake cakes fresh with high quality ingredients and pack it very carefully, do same day delivery for most of the pincodes we are available in. You can order best plum fruit cakes online from CakeZone available in multiple variants with and without rum. All our plum cakes are eggless and contains flavours like chocolate and red velvet which makes them more awesome.

The mood will be jovial and celebrations will be at the peak when you will send plum cake online to your friends, family and dear ones. So, send your Christmas wishes and blessings to your loved ones in the form of a plum cake through CakeZone. CakeZone, the most popular online cake store in India gives you the best opportunity to find the best taste of Christmas Plum Cake. The entire process of ordering and sending a plum cake from CakeZone is very simple. If you are living miles away from your loved ones or you are in another city of India, you can easily order and send a plum cake to wish Merry Christmas to your loved one's doorstep. Our Delivery services are prompt and fast. So, whether you want a same-day delivery service, midnight delivery service or early morning delivery service, you can get your cake delivered to the desired time. Now our rich Plum special Cupcake is available on online food channels like Swiggy and Zomato. So order Plum Cupcakes online and share it with your friends and families or you can have it on the go.

Special Christmas Plum Cake

Christmas is the festival of merriment and generous spirit. Special Christmas cakes are extremely eminent in the way that prepares them with really different flavours.CakeZone presents to you an assortment of flavoursome and scrumptious Christmas Special cakes, one outlier in the group, that is a Jamaican Plum Cake. Christmas celebration is not complete without traditional Jamaican Christmas Rum cake. It has been a favoured gift amongst all people during the Christmas season. This dark and spongy cake is a labour of love that is rich in flavours from rum soaked fruits. It is very popular during Christmas time and is most often served with sorrel. This succulent and delicious cake will definitely entice your taste buds. Over the realm rejoice of Christmas with cakes and wines. Special Jamaican cake is the most significant thing to behold for this Christmas period. At CakeZone, you would obtain a giant platter of cakes for an impressive festivity right from Special Christmas cakes, plain to butterscotch, red velvet.

Customer Reviews

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8 Reviews
    5/5 stars

Well, well, well, I am out of words to describe about their heart-warming services. They took special care of my cake delivery and delivered it to my house in just twenty minutes. Then the taste of the cake is just heavenly. They used cashew nuts and plum in abundance and the delicate taste just won my heart. From now, this is my favourite cake shop.

    5/5 stars

My dad being a renowned chef judges every food before proceeding to eat it. Two days back I ate this cake at my friend's house and I fell so in love with this cake that I forced my father to try it. Initially, I thought he will criticize it like every time but to my surprise, he just could not stop from praising this plum cake. He thought it to be baked by some professional who has years of experience. It was fresh, scrumptious and had that lovely aroma. Good work CakeZone, I assure it is not so easy to impress my dad.

    5/5 stars

Check any other site but I guarantee, no one can excel in the baking the freshest cakes like CakeZone. I am a frequent buyer of this online cake shop and every time I am more than satisfied. This time my husband picked the plum cake and again, I can't stop licking my fingers. How can you be so perfect always? That delectable cake is mouth watering and definitely a top quality product.

    5/5 stars

I guarantee, it is the suitable cake for Christmas and New Year's parties. My college mates and I are arranging a grand reunion this year during the festive time and we have tried multiple cakes from different cake stores for deciding on the perfect one. On trying this plum cake from CakeZone, we all just decided our cake for the reunion in just few seconds. It meets all our requirements. It has that Christmassy as well as celebration flavour and the texture is super fine. Expect several orders coming from us in the coming days.

    5/5 stars

Children these days are allergic to veggies and fruits and so I choose unconventional ways to feed granddaughter. As she is always into pizzas, burgers and other junk foods, I try to make those edibles healthy by adding some vegetables or fruits. This time I brought the plum cake and she just loved finding the hidden treats.  She thought it to be a marvellous cake and is demanding me to order one more cake. Thanks CakeZone for making healthy products.

    5/5 stars

To start with, I will like to mention that I do not have a sweet tooth and I totally hate anything which has extra sweetness. For celebrating my post graduation party, I would have never preferred a cake until now. It seems my friends understand my preferences and so they asked me to try the plum cake for getting my consent before finalizing. The cake has the perfect balance of sweetness and melted whenever I took a bite. I have made my choice and thus, going to order this cake again for the party. Finally, I found my cake.

    5/5 stars

I will betray myself if I do not speak the truth. Firstly, I thought the cake would be nothing extraordinary. But honestly, I judged it way too fast. I am happy CakeZone proved me wrong as the cake was nothing that I expected. I was prepared to get a super hard plum cake and was also thinking about cancellations. But I am glad that I did not because it was awesome. It was not at all hard as rock whereas had that crispy top and was full of flavours. More orders coming from my side.

    5/5 stars

My kid is a fan of plum cakes. We buy or bake plum cakes at every possible instance. This time we tried the plum cake from CakeZone and I really appreciate the pain it took to find my house. Well, when we talk about the cake you can just define it with one word that is ‘perfect'. Rich in flavour and not at all soggy, CakeZone did a pretty good job.


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