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Butterscotch Overload

Butterscotch Overload

  • 589
    439 25% off

Extra 50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

500 Gms
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Product Description

The butterscotch overload cake is truly an amazing cake to make a simple party happening. The moistness of the butter along with the crispness of the nuts makes this cake an ultimate delight for a cake lover. This cake is something more than the normal butterscotch cake. As its very name signifies it is an overload of Butterscotch. The flavour of the cake is different from that of a conventional chocolate or vanilla cake. The cake leaves you in an amidst of the caramel-y and buttery sponge base along with the delicious frosting with an addition of butterscotch and finally ending with the crunch from all the bites. Yum Yum Yum !!

Diving inside the cake you will find the heart of the cake that is the sponge which is basically a bread kind of stuff but a more rich and velvety version of it. The flavour of the sponge is basically of the butterscotch flavour. Gliding away from the cakes you will get layers of the butterscotch cakes. This is when the process of layering starts. Once the freshly baked sponges are ready, the layering is done with stacking three layers of sponge. The freshness of the cake is going to satisfy all those needs when the cake is literally going to melt when you take your first bite. Continuing with the three stacked in sponge layers which is moistened with sugar syrup which adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the cake. The fresh cream of the butter scotch flavour is then filled in between the layers, tops and sides as frosting. We do not use butter cream. Then comes the exterior of the cake which is incomplete without garnishing it. The sides of the cake is completed by garnishing it with crushed butterscotch chips and fresh nuts. The crushed nuts and chips adds crispness to the soft cake. This kind of texture is one of its kind which is not available in any other offline/online stores. The cake is decorated with chocolate decors and sleek chocolate cream curved designs and butterscotch frosting. The cake is completed by topping a cherry on it.

From the very minute the order is placed we start baking your cake, thus the freshness of the cake come from that. Once the baking is over we prefer 3 stacks of sponge (as mentioned) dipping it into sugar syrup with perfect sweetness. Our word is we only serve freshly baked cakes. We ensure hygiene and quality of the cake. Unlike any offline stores which store cakes in their shelves. If it's is eggless we take necessary measures and precautions regarding your order because we believe in your beliefs. Our delivery is done within 3 hours from the time of order placed. We understand how important the cake is for you. Our packaging is done safely keeping that in mind. We take extra measures for avoiding any de-shaping in the shape of the cake and the frosting. Our main aim is client satisfaction and delivering quality cakes from door to door. We value your time and money and provide a hustle free online system.

Product Information/Specifications

Butterscotch Overload is available for delivery in Hyderabad and freshly baked at CakeZone Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Price of Butterscotch Overload Cake by Weight

Size/Weight Price
0.5 Kg 439 INR
1 Kg 799 INR
2 Kg 1589 INR
3 Kg 2269 INR
4 Kg 3019 INR
5 Kg 3699 INR

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say.
4 Reviews
    5/5 stars

Thank you, Cakezone team, for this amazing looking butterscotch cake. Both the order and delivery process is simple and hassle free. Sending this delicious cake have allowed you to have a permanent client from now J highly recommended shop.

    5/5 stars

I have ordered a butterscotch overload cake on my mother-in-law's 60th Birthday. The delivery was perfect and on time. The packaging was quite impressive and the cake was really wow some. My mother-in-law is a chocolate lover and she loved the cake. We all were very happy to see a big smile on her face. Thanks to the entire team of cakezone to bake such a good cakes.

    5/5 stars

Very happy with my butterscotch overload. Was fresh and tasty. Ordered red velvet, let's see how that turns out.

    5/5 stars

I never knew something like same day delivery existed unless I surfed through CakeZone. To be honest, I had no urgency but still selected this option just for trying it out. It actually got my cake delivered within 3 to 4 hours. I expected it to be something fake but the butterscotch cake was super delicious and the swift delivery is really praiseworthy. CakeZone proved me wrong and am really glad it did.

Customer Service
Best Quality