Black Forest

Black Forest

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A classic all-time favorite. Chocolate base, different tasty cream and sprinkling of chocolate shavings with cherries to high it. Cannot get it wrong with this!

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Product Description

"Black Forest Cakes

Who in the world does not like Black Forest Cakes? But then, we need to ensure that it’s fresh since shops often store this much-wanted cake in refrigerator for days. So, in case you are a fan of this much-loved cake as well and need one for a party, or just for a small get together, or a friend’s birthday, and know well that the cake is one thing that you can’t allow to go wrong, the CakeZone is the place that you have to reach out to. We make the freshest cake in town, and only as per your order. We have no lying stocks and all our cakes are made with fresh, naturally made cream which our cook prepares with much care, since he hates the butter cream available in the market.

In case you are a lover of cakes and want to impress someone, go on and order one now, and in case you want to know how to make one, well that is no secret:

Preheat oven to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease and layer some flour two nine inch, round pans and cover their bottoms with waxed paper. In a large bowl, mix some flour, two cups of confectioner’s sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa, and salt. Also add oil, milk, eggs, and one tablespoon of vanilla, beat the mixture until well blended. Pour the batter evenly into two pans.

Bake for 25-30 minutes, until a wooden toothpick comes out clean, when inserted in the canter. Cool the layers of cake in wire racks and loosen the edges to cool well.

Wash fresh cherries, and keep aside half a cup of juice. Mix the juice, cherries, a cup of sugar and corn-starch in a saucepan. Cook slowly over low heat, until the mixture thickens, whilst stirring constantly. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and allow it to cool.

Combine the whipping cream and some confectioner’s sugar in a medium chilled bowl. Beat with electric mixture till form is stiff.

With a long-serrated knife, do split each cake layer horizontally in two halves. Tear one of the split layer into crumbs, and set it aside. Reserve one and half cups of frosting for decorating the cake. Brush the loose crumbs off the top and sides of each of the cake layers with a pastry brush or bare hands. Place one cake layer on the cake plate. Spread a cup of frosting, top with three-fourth cup cherry topping. Top this, with a second layer of cake, and repeat the layers of frosting and cherry topping. Top with a third layer of cake. Frost the sides of the cake. Pat reserved crumbs over the frosting on the sides of the cake. Spoon reserved frosting on the top, with other decorations as you might see fit. Clean up evenly, around top and bottom edges of cake. Spoon the remaining cherry topping on the top of the cake."

Customer Reviews

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3 Reviews
    5/5 stars

I love the cakes at CakeZone. My favorite is the black forest cake with fresh cream. The best part about their cakes is the fresh whipped cream. I love it! I recommend it to all.

    5/5 stars

I had the privilege to try a black forest cake at CakeZone and it was an incredible experience. I have had black forest cakes before but this was something very different. The cream was so fresh and the cake was so soft that I finished half of it in one go. I highly recommend CakeZone to everyone. You must give it a try at least once and I assure you that you will go back to them again and again

    5/5 stars

CakeZone's same day cake delivery has always been my favorite. Their website proposes an assortment of cakes that are striking and that look like they taste marvelous. However, I always order the same black forest cake as it is my favorite. This time I stepped away from my comfort zone and opened my cognizance to a flavor blend that I had never tried before. And really, that was a good idea. The taste of cake delivered was sure to win anyone's heart. It actually brightened up my event. Thank you CakeZone!!


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