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Pineapple Vanilla

Pineapple Vanilla

  • 629
    489 22% off

Extra 50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

500 Gms
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Product Description

"There's nothing better than our very own old, basic and way too classic Pineapple Vanilla Cake. We care that not everyone is a chocolate lover and so, we bake this yummilicious Pineapple Vanilla Cake in our own loved oven for all the non-chocoholics. A classic-all time favourite cake made with a delicious combination of basic vanilla and our very favourite Pineapple. With a perfect balance of sweet and tart, this is a cake made up of vanilla sponge layered with fresh whipped cream and real pineapples picked up from the farm. We do not use any butter cream because our belief lies in delivering the fresh and best products.

This Pineapple Vanilla cake is ideal for any occasion- be it your loved one's birthday, anniversary or just as an indulgence. Everybody is a fan of moist and juicy cake with perfectly sweetened smooth frosting. There will always be a kid in all of us who is waiting to lick the fresh cream frosting off the cake. This pineapple cake will bring all your childhood memories and desires back because this cake is a simple yet rustic in itself. Pineapple Vanilla cake from our shelves is the most easy and simple to bake. Certainly no elaborate steps. A vanilla sponge cake, some whipped cream, fresh juicy pineapple chunks along with pure pineapple crush and cherries on the top to bring out the best in you. It is a perfect fruit cake for all your sinful cravings. It will give you happy sugar rush and certainly bring a smile on your face.

This cake has exceptionally juicy innards and beautiful decoration on the top. Amazingly soft, this sponge cake with vanilla and pineapple is as perfect as you. It is available in both egg based or oil-based eggless type. You can get it baked in 0.5 kg to 5 kgs according to your need. This cake is attractive, mouth-watering and delicious and has smooth and perfect texture. Moist sponge cake on the inside, wonderful flavour, sweetened whipped cream and chunks of pineapple on the outside- What do we need more? Deliciousness in each bite! Order now and get a delivery within 3 hours at your doorstep. Trust us, Take a bite and you won't ever order another pineapple cake from offline cake shops. Fresh and yummy cake is just few clicks away!"

Product Information/Specifications

Pineapple Vanilla is available for delivery in Bangalore and freshly baked at CakeZone Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Price of Pineapple Vanilla Cake by Weight

Size/Weight Price
0.5 Kg 489 INR
1 Kg 859 INR
2 Kg 1639 INR
3 Kg 2439 INR
4 Kg 3229 INR
5 Kg 4029 INR

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say.
3 Reviews
    5/5 stars

I simply love delicious cake, and CakeZone is my fav site where I can order and get hassle free delivery. I love the way they prepare their cake with extra care. Very recently I ordered a pineapple vanilla cake for my family just to enjoy holidays. My children and wife loved the taste of vanilla with fresh pineapple slices on the top. It was attractive, and the mouth watering taste is utterly unforgettable. Their quick delivery is praiseworthy. I will order more in future.

    5/5 stars

This is my first visit to India and I badly wanted to have a piece of cake at one fine night. As all the streets were unknown to me I decided to get it online and there I came across CakeZone. I am a big fan of pineapple and so ordered the pineapple vanilla cake. The fine texture of the cake is really amazing. It is really great to have such a quality cake shop.

    5/5 stars

Well, I ordered a pineapple vanilla fruit cake from on the recommendation of a friend who had great things to say about it and honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised. Thanks a bunch and cheers!

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