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Mango Chocolate

Mango Chocolate

  • 949
    529 44% off

Extra 50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

500 Gms

* The photos are indicative of the product. Actual sizes and shapes may vary.

* The cakes are recommended to be consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Consumption after four hours may alter the taste of the product, thereby affecting your experience.

* Do send us your valuable comments at They help us improve your experience and our quality of service.

Important note: Cancellations are allowed only upto 12hrs before the delivery time slot.

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Product Information/Specifications

Mango Chocolate is available for delivery in Bangalore and freshly baked at CakeZone Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Price of Mango Chocolate Cake by Weight

Size/Weight Price
0.5 Kg 529 INR
1 Kg 1009 INR
2 Kg 1909 INR
3 Kg 2749 INR
4 Kg 3499 INR
5 Kg 4239 INR

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say.
21 Reviews
    4/5 stars

Name written top of the ? very bad and taste is good..

    5/5 stars

Simply fabulous. The taste was out of the world. Even cake haters gobbled it up. Keep up the good work.

    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars

Excellent cake ... flavour was super

    5/5 stars

Yummy taste but mango flavors was mild

    4/5 stars


    5/5 stars

This chocolate mango cake is a delicious blend of flavours that you must try! A perfect party snacks with friends and family.

    5/5 stars

The pure chocolate blatter on the top of the mango cake is surely finger licking. The mango taste really beautiful and delicious to eat.

    5/5 stars

Ordered the mango chocolate cake from cakezone. I dug my teeth into it the cake. Yummy cake and deliciously rich in mango flavour. Loved the mango and chocolate combination.

    5/5 stars

Ordered the mango chocolate cake from cakezone. I dug my teeth into it the cake. Yummy cake and deliciously rich in mango flavour. Loved the mango and chocolate combination.

    5/5 stars

I ordered the mango chocolate cake for enjoying IPL match with my friends. Really delicious, soft and fluffy and make you high with juicy mango flavour.

    5/5 stars

Super moist and yummy chocolate cake. Loved it. Definitely a keeper. Thanks.

    5/5 stars

I tried this mango chocolate from cakezone last week. I ordered it for my daughter who is a big fan of mangoes and chocolate. She liked the cake very much. It was absolutely chocolaty-mango addiction. Thanks, cakezone for this absolutely amazing cake and big thanks for the delivery executive for the proper communication.

    5/5 stars

Really delicious cake I from cakezone enjoyed every slice of it. Good for beat the sunny day and gives you a really refreshing feel. Kindly share with your friends and families.

    5/5 stars

The mango chocolate cake is absolutely forgiving and sweetness and consistency of the cake are at its high.

    5/5 stars

I have been getting a lot of recommendations from my friends to taste the mango chocolate cake from cakezone. At last, I ordered it and it tasted like heaven. The moist and soft sponge is absolutely best and the gorgeous chocolate layer on top was the real combination. I enjoyed it very much and a big thanks to cakezone and to my friends for this amazing cake.

    5/5 stars

The chocolate mango cake was soft and fluffy and my favourite cake for all time. The juicy choco layer outside and cool mango flavour inside makes you crave for another bite. It's that good.

    5/5 stars

Ordered a Lattice mango cake 500g from CakeZone. Everything went smoothly. Plenty of mango cakes collection to choose from, easy and effortless online booking process make the CakeZone to the next level. Kids and my family members love the cake very much.

    5/5 stars

I love eating cakes and trying new cakes from different places. Last week I tried the mango chocolate cake from CakeZone. The cake initially gives you the flavour of mango in the first bite and a burst of chocolate flavour at last. The best different cake I ever tasted. Good to go with it.

    5/5 stars

My husband is a big lover of chocolate. Last week I surprised him with a mango chocolate cake. Exceptional cake from CakeZone because the blend of chocolate and mango is far good than another combination. Chocolate ganache on top and fresh mango flavours inside gives the best taste to the cake. Enjoyed every bit of it.

    5/5 stars

It was on my son's 7th birthday, I decided to order something different and deliciously better than the normal cakes. I went through different sites and I can't able to find the perfect one. At last, I got to know about the mango masti cake from CakeZone, the cake taste was really nice and flavours still in my mouth. Everyone at the party enjoyed the cake very much. Thanks, CakeZone for this wonderful cake.

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