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Extra 50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

500 Gms


Try our Litchi flavored cake with our signature vanilla sponge layers and soft fresh cream, adorned with real litchi fruits on top. This fresh fruit cake has a delicate, whitish pulp with a floral smell and a fragrant, sweet flavor of litchi.

* The photos are indicative of the product. Actual sizes and shapes may vary.

* The cakes are recommended to be consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Consumption after four hours may alter the taste of the product, thereby affecting your experience.

* Do send us your valuable comments at They help us improve your experience and our quality of service.

Important note: Cancellations are allowed only upto 12hrs before the delivery time slot.

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Product Description

This Litchi cake is the perfect guilty pleasure for all round the year and not just summers. This delicious cake is a family favourite and a quick remedy for any sort of cravings. Unlike the mainstream chocolate cake, this cake is a sinful delight for one and all. If you are a fan of fresh cream cakes, this litchi flavoured cake is a pure bliss. Layered with litchi pulp and fresh cream, this cake is a vanilla sponge cake baked with nothing- but pure Love.

This Litchi cake is a simple basic sponge, three layered doused with fresh litchi pulp, filled with whipped cream and chopped juicy Lychees. It's just baked like a pineapple cake but the taste is extraordinary and indulgent. This is a light, fluffy summery cake which imposes a great texture. It is available in both egg base and oil-based eggless type. Also, you can order it in half kg to 5 kgs as per your need. It rises up nice and high, and can be sliced easily. This summery cake is available all round the year and freshly basked only on demand. Fresh cream is filled between the layers and also on the top and sides to make it rich in texture and taste. It is garnished with chocolate decor and fresh Lychees to give it a simple fruity look.

This fresh fruit has a delicate pulp with a floral fragrant enriched with sweet flavour of litchi. Decorated with fresh litchi fruit, this cake looks like a pearly, snowy wonder waiting to be consumed delightfully and sinfully. A simple and beautiful looking cake, perfect for all occasions. It is moist and absolutely yum and importantly, Sponge, Fresh Cream, Litchi, Chocolate Decor = Pure Love and Bliss!! Order online only at CakeZone to get a freshly baked cakes unlike any bakery shops who deliver stale ones. CakeZone: online shop for all your dessert cravings, one of the finest cake ordering websites.

Are you bored of routine cakes? - A litchi flavoured vanilla cake which has layers of litchi pulp and fresh cream. Lychees are surely a fruit for the sweet-toothed with their honeyed, floral flavor and ambrosial fragrance, they are nature's bonbons. Litchi cake is a sunshiny cloud of happiness with a luscious mixture of litchi pulp and cream sandwiched between layers of moist vanilla sponge to create a fruity delicacy. This fresh fruit cake has a delicate, whitish pulp with a floral smell and a fragrant, sweet flavour of litchi. How do we ensure freshness of cake? - We just bake after receiving the order and hence deliver only fresh and delicious cakes unlike any offline shops who store cakes in their shelves for days.

Product Information/Specifications

Litchi is available for delivery in Bangalore and freshly baked at CakeZone Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Price of Litchi Cake by Weight

Size/Weight Price
0.5 Kg 459 INR
1 Kg 799 INR
2 Kg 1579 INR
3 Kg 2269 INR
4 Kg 3019 INR
5 Kg 3759 INR

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say.
22 Reviews
    4/5 stars

Very nice looking and good tasting cake but it sugar slightly on a higher side.

    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars

Wow. Best collections of cakes online in Hyderabad.

    5/5 stars

It was my father's 70th birthday and he never eats eggs or egg based foods. Upon request, we ordered eggless cake from CakeZone and my father was totally pleased by the taste of the cake. The quality of cream and fruits/ingredients used were high.

    5/5 stars

I love fruits based cake and especially litchi, so I absolutely enjoyed having this soft creamy litchi cake on valentine day. The sweetness was just appropriate, in fact perfect. Also the old aged people from the guest, who do not eat cake, went crazy and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will most probably get it again.

    5/5 stars

It was the occasion of my husband's 30th birthday and I decided to give him a surprise through this litchi cake from CakeZone as he is fond of litchis. The taste was good and the service was much satisfying.

    5/5 stars

The litchi cake is an irresistible litchi delight. Litchi cake from CakeZone is a rich, delicious, hygienically made and is a best choice to your dears to make them surprised and happier on birthdays.

    5/5 stars

I ordered litchi cake from here on the occasion of Eid celebration. The layers of cream about it made this cake like a mist of cream fluff, and it dissolves delectably in the mouth suggestive of rich litchi flavour.

    5/5 stars

My daughter insisted since long to purchase a mouth-watering cake on her birthday. So this time, I ordered mouth-watering litchi cake from here on her birthday. The taste of cake indulged with fresh litchi was awesome.

    5/5 stars

This cake is prepared out of litchi flavour with good chocolate toppings around.

    5/5 stars

I had not so much heard about litchi cake before but ordered a litchi cake from here. To our surprise the cake was very fresh that we relished eating it. Thumbs up to CakeZone.

    5/5 stars

My husband wanted to have some fragrance based cake on the occasion of valentine, so I ordered litchi cake from here and it got delivered 2 hours early. We loved its taste.

    5/5 stars

The Litchi Gateaux melts inside the mouth - mixture of fresh litchi along with the creamy sponge recipe topped using litchi coulis. It is best for children on occasion of their birthdays.

    5/5 stars

I ordered litchi cake from CakeZone on the occasion of my younger sister birthday. What we liked is the whipped cream layered consecutively with cream over sponge and litchi fruit filling made us happy.

    5/5 stars

Litchi cake from here is to die for -a must have cake for all desert lover people. Thank you!!

    5/5 stars

The litchi cake was really good, it was yummy and irresistible to stop eating.

    5/5 stars

CakeZone made my day extra special with the amazing Litchi cake. Thank you for making my birthday extra special!

    4/5 stars

This litchi cake, which ranks under the 5 stars category of cakes, is guaranteed of top quality and is also offered in sugar free and eggless alternatives.

    4/5 stars

I think this is a perfect gift appropriate to celebrate valentine day, as I ordered it and gifted it to my girl-friend. Fresh litchi and whipped cream is smooth and delightful to bite into.

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