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Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

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Extra 50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

500 Gms


Love fruit cakes? Try our freshly prepared fruit punch cake topped with fresh fruits. Fruit cakes are everybody's favorite whether it is fresh or dry fruit cake. Fresh fruit cake gives fantastic look with healthy... View more

* The photos are indicative of the product. Actual sizes and shapes may vary.

* The cakes are recommended to be consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Consumption after four hours may alter the taste of the product, thereby affecting your experience.

* Do send us your valuable comments at They help us improve your experience and our quality of service.

Important note: Cancellations are allowed only upto 12hrs before the delivery time slot.

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Product Description

Everybody is aware of the fact that daily routine, at times, does get monotonous and often leads to a tiresome day and way too much exhaustion, so to refill your joys and hydrate your mood, we present you fresh fruit cake by cakezone. Dressed in cream and subtle sponges, here is a cake so fruity and jolly that you won't be able to say no, even if you are a health freak. Because it is topped with chunks of fresh fruits and slabs of chocolate, which would obviously nourish your food fantasies more than your will to nourish your health routine. Wearing cream and unpretentious wipes, here is a cake so fruity and jaunty that you won't have the capacity to state no, regardless of the possibility that you are a well-being crack. Since it is finished with lumps of new foods grown from the ground of chocolate, which would clearly support your sustenance dreams more than your will to sustain your well-being schedule. With oranges topping the quota of vibrance, followed by finely sliced apple and cherries, here is your dream cake.
Do you remember how your mother always emphasized on staying healthy, making nutrition your first and only priority? How she told you to eat as much fruits as possible and stay hydrated? Well, this very cake is your solution to all her worries and the best part of it remains that since it is a 'cake', you won't mind adding some freshly chopped fruits in it and making your mother happy too, right? Every grain of the cake remains as subtle as it gets with utmost gorgeous appearance! If this isn't a pretty form of your food fantasy, I don't know what is! The cuts in the cake are marginally secured and prepared for the people with a sweet tooth too, decorated with fitting fixings to make the cake the best piece of your day ever. It is as good as shooting two birds with one arrow. Now who wouldn't want to grab such an opportunity! The slices are slightly covered with a sweet coat, garnished with appropriate ingredients to make the cake the best part of your day ever. If you are a first timer on cakezone, then this one could be one of your deciding parameters, and one can bet it'll be a great choice to make. The fruity surprise gives incredible look with sound decision of every crisp natural product.
This cake requires less time but then taste heavenly and will beyond any doubt inspire swarm with it's awesome search without a doubt. To add more cherries on the cake, there are chocolate munchies and slabs marking the circumference of the cake and further instigating you to finish it in merely one single bite. So before you decide to dive straight in the tides and depths of your food fantasy world, there is something that you ought to know. You must know that this cake yearns for you as much as you yearn for it, all you need to do is place your order before somebody else gets their hands on it.

Product Information/Specifications

Fresh Fruit is available for delivery in Bangalore and freshly baked at CakeZone Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Price of Fresh Fruit Cake by Weight

Size/Weight Price
0.5 Kg 459 INR
1 Kg 809 INR
2 Kg 1589 INR
3 Kg 2319 INR
4 Kg 3069 INR
5 Kg 3819 INR

Customer Reviews

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say.
10 Reviews
    5/5 stars

Amazing taste..... good service

    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars


    5/5 stars


    4/5 stars


    5/5 stars

fresh n tasty

    5/5 stars

Really love the delicious cake sent by the Cakezone for my papa's birthday. It was having a generous quantity of fresh fruit and nuts. The fact is that they sent the fresh cake to my home even at a short notice. Overall, it is the best online birthday cake delivery in Bangalore city.

    5/5 stars

A huge thank you to the CakeZone for putting extra stars in my wedding reception! The mixed fruit cake was absolute perfection, the delivery prompt and it had the guests ooh-ing and aah-ing over the beauty of it! I was simply delighted by their exquisite services and customized experience!

    5/5 stars

Dear CakeZone, Thank you for the good service and taking care to deliver the cake on time.

Customer Service
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