Teachers Day Greeting Cards, Wishes & Greetings 2019

In India, 5th September is celebrated as teachers day every year and falls on a Thursday this year. It is considered as an important day in schools across India and is celebrated with great excitement. Students present happy teachers day cards with teachers day wishes and quotes to express how important their teachers are to them. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of second President of India, Dr S. Radhakrishnan, who was a great advocate of edification, eminent academician, and most importantly an exceptional Teacher.

Renowned scientist and India’s missile man, Lt. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam once said  “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” This important saying epitomizes the impact of teachers, father, and mother on a child’s mind.

A Teacher doesn’t mean just your school or college teacher. It could be anyone who has taught you something in life from your father, mother, brother, sister, friend or anyone. So, this teachers day present teachers day greetings to everyone who has taught you anything in life. We have come up with beautiful teachers day wishes cards that you present to your mentor. Keep on reading to find teachers day special quotes for your special teacher.

Teachers Day Wishes for Teachers

Teachers play an indispensable role in a students life to become successful in their careers and they also mould them into better human beings. Teaching is not just a job, it’s more of a responsibility. Teachers train the students with the right knowledge and skills and are an important force in laying the foundation of the bright future of the students. Every student must thank their teachers at least once a year. Send best wishes for teachers day to all your mentors by sending happy teachers day greeting card with teachers day quotes wishes written on the cards.

Dear teacher, Thank you for the way you teach, the wisdom you share, the care you take, the love you share.

You are not just a mentor to me, you are also an inspiration. Fortunate to have your influence on my life.

You made my future bright and directed me to the true meaning of life. Happy teachers day.

You guided me when I was lost. You supported me when I was weak. You enlightened me when I was unsure. Thank you for all the love, care, and support.

Dear teacher, your inspiring words have made a difference in my life. Thanks for making me who I am today.

A teacher affects eternity. One can never tell where their influence stops. Thank you for influencing my life in a big way.

Teachers Day Wishes for the Favourite Teacher

There are many remarkable teachers in every school but there is always one teacher that has more influence on a student. We all have had a teacher who understood us more than the rest and whom we absolutely loved. Send a heartfelt What’s app message or a teachers day greeting card for your favourite teacher from our collection of best teachers day quotes.

Every word you say is so full of wisdom. To me, you are the greatest teacher.

You are the best teacher I have come across. Happy teachers day to the most remarkable teacher.

Thank you for continually inspiring me to do my best. you help me strive for goals. I found guidance, discipline, love everything in one person. Best teacher ever.

I am eternally thankful that you always expressed how much confidence you had in me. It was something that I really needed to hear at that time.

Thanks for all the love and care. For brightening my future. For the words of humanity that you spread. For all those times when you took my special care. For being my favourite teacher.

A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. a great teacher inspires. You are my inspiration.

To teach is to touch lives forever.You have touched not just my life but also my heart forever.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but what should I eat to make an awesome teacher like you always come my way? You are the best teacher ever. Thank you.

Thank you for all the help. No one can teach as well as you do. You are the best teacher.

Teachers Day Quotes for Mom

We all know that mothers are the best teachers. They teach us right from wrong and guide us through all aspects of life. Give a lovely teachers day card with thank you note for your mom this teachers day.

You were my first teacher in the world. Thank you, mom, for all the years you dedicated to me.

There are two types of education. First one teaches us how to make a living and the second one teaches us how to live. No one would have taught me how to live better than you, mom. Happy Teachers day.

Happy teachers day, mom. You have taught the most important lessons of my life.

Acceptance, tolerance, bravery, compassion. These are the lessons you taught me, mom, and I must say you are the best teacher.

The woman who is my best friend, my teacher, my guide, my support system, my everything: Mom. Happy teachers day.

Teachers Day Quotes for Father

Dad is the greatest teacher anyone can have. We have all grown up idealising our fathers. Find the best happy teacher’s day quote from our very special collection, teachers day card quotes for father.

While I have had other mentors and coaches out there, no one can take your place. Happy teachers day to a father who taught me the most important lessons of life.

One father is more than a hundred Teachers. To the best teacher and dad in the world, Happy teachers day.