50 Best Rakhi Gifts for Brother

The love and affection between brother and sister is universal. Their bond is considered pure and unconditional. With Raksha Bandhan, we celebrate this divine bond of siblings throughout India. Sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and in return brother vows to protect his lovely sister. Presenting a Gift to you brother can be the best way to make things jolly. Although choosing a gift for your brother can be a challenging task.

Here are some unique gifting ideas for you that will make your Raksha Bandhan distinct and worth remembering –

  1. Handmade gifts.

    Nothing can beat the power of personalized Rakhi gifts for brothers. If you love crafting then this idea will be magical for you. You can make a card and add charm to it by decorating it with glitters, laces and much more. You can find these materials at a shop with great ease. Your photographs with your brother will also do a wonder for you. Just paste them in your card and you are done. Also, you can write quotes for your brother expressing your love for him and how you are thankful to God for having a brother like him. Your brother will definitely appreciate your effort and this can be the best Rakhi gift.

  2. Organize a trip.

    Some boys love travelling to new places. If your brother is among them but he is not able to go to his favorite destination because he is not earning, then this idea is extremely good for you. Being an elder sister plan a trip to his favorite destination with his close friends because he is not going to enjoy this alone.

  3. Beard Softener.

    Beard Softener
    Beard Softener

    Is your brother a beard person? Who loves his beard more than anything else? Then what are you waiting for? Beard softener is the perfect gift for a beard-fanatic. Beard softener makes the beard as soft as possible.

  4. Bryan Adams concert tickets.


    Summer of 69? Straight from the heart? Heaven? If your brother can identify with any of these songs then look no further because this is the aptest gift you can get him. Bryan Adams is coming to a concert in India in October and no fan should miss it. What are you waiting for? Book it now for your Bryan Adams loving brother.

  5. Personalised Cakes.

    Make this occasion sweeter with amazing Rakhi cakes from CakeZone flavors. Now remind your brother with a picture from an important moment and send it to him so that he misses you so damn much. Varying across a lot of flavors this is the best way to tell your brother how sweet he is.

  6. Knife set.


    Recently moved into a good apartment on his own and has an interest in cooking? Get him this set of knives so that he can start cooking and he will remember you everytime he cooks. The perfect gift for an upcoming cook.

  7. Round Ball Ice Cube Tray.

    Round Ball Ice Cube Tray
    Round Ball Ice Cube Tray

    If your brother is someone who enjoys a drink once in a while or is interested in fancy home utensils this is the best possible gift. This amazing product freezes ice in good round shape with proper finishing.

  8. Books.

    Motorcycle Diaries

    Does your brother spend his leisure time in reading books? If yes, then go and grab a book of his favorite genre from the market. If you are lacking time then yes online shopping will help you. Amazon offers a wide range of books of different genres. Whether it’s a mystery book, fictions, fairy tales or the inspirational books you will find everything. Depending on the age and taste of your brother you can choose a right book for him.

    Rakhi Gifts For Brother
  9. Backpacks.


    Whether studying or earning your brother will definitely need a backpack for keeping his essential things safely. A spacious bag according to his requirement can be the best Rakhi gift ever. You can choose a backpack of their favorite brand from a huge variety offered at various shopping sites.

  10. Designer Mugs.

    Special Brother Mug For Rakhi

    If you want that your gift reminds your brother daily about your love towards him then this gift idea is for you. Each time when your brother will take a sip of hot coffee out of this mug your thought will definitely click into his mind. You can make this mug more attractive by customizing it with your brother’s photographs or with an attractive quote written on it for instance “World’s Best Brother”.

  11. Movie tickets.


    Bookmyshow voucher

    Your brother spends a lot of time on his laptop watching movies online? Here’s a solution. Buy movie tickets for him and his best friends of their favorite actor. He will like this change and will enjoy a movie with his buddies.

  12. Power banks.


    Does your brother travel often due to his office work? The power bank will prove to be a true companion for him. Gift power bank on this Raksha Bandhan so that he does not miss any important call due to the insufficient battery.

  13. Headphones.


    If your brother disturbs you while studying or doing important stuff by playing music loudly on his cell phone then this gift idea is exclusively for you. Buy him a Sony MDR-ZX110A headphone from Amazon. The attractive look and sound clarity will definitely win his heart. And also, this product will prove to be pocket-friendly for you with a price of Rs. 649 only.

  14. Video Games.

    Video games

    The love of boys for video games is known to all. You can make a special space in your brother’s heart by gifting him the latest video game of his choice. He will surely love to play this game with his friends and his friends will admire him too.

  15. Wallet.


    It is the inevitable part of a men’s life. This can be a good gift for your brother if chosen wisely. A good wallet must meet the requirement of the user. It must have enough space to hold necessary cards without compromising with the looks.

  16. Personalized Phone-covers.

    Phone cover

    You may have your brother’s favorite picture on this personalized phone cover. This will give his phone an extraordinary look. Also, you can choose the color of outer rim according to you. You can get this service online on various sites. Personalized Rakhi gifts for brother are the best organic way to showcase your love.

  17. Bombay shaving company 3-step regimen grooming kit.

    Grooming kit

    It will be the best Rakhi gift for your brother. This kit contains 1 shaving cream, 1 pre-shave scrub, 1 post shave balm, 1 imitation badger brush and 1 hand towel. In other words, we can say it will take good care of his face and will add charm to his personality. The products are approved by the dermatologists. This kit will cost Rs.1300 to you having an original price of Rs. 1630.

  18. Shades.


    You can help your brother in enhancing his personality with branded sunglasses. Depending on your budget you can choose from various brands available. Your brother will look even more handsome by wearing shades. And when his friends will compliment him for his looks he will definitely thank you from the bottom of his heart.

  19. Fragrances.

    Dark temptation perfume

    However, it is a little gift but it will blossom your lovely relation of a brother and sister. However certain things should be kept in mind while gifting it so that it works magically for both of you. Spread the fragrance of love and affection by gifting your brother with his favorite perfume.

  20. FastTrack watches.

    Fastrack watches at just Rs.750

    Without hurting your pocket this watch will help your brother in maintaining his style statement this Raksha Bandhan. This watch will cost you only Rs. 750. The appearance of this watch will win his heart.

  21. Pens and handmade paper diaries.

    Pen and Diary

    What can be the best gift for a writer? Of course, a pen and a beautiful diary will be enough. Gift him a Parker pen with a handmade paper diary on which he can scribble his thoughts. The elegance of handmade paper will attract him to write more passionately.

  22. Sports-kit.

    Sports Kit bag

    If your brother is a player he will definitely hug you tightly on receiving this gift. Depending on the nature of his sport you can easily buy a good sports kit from the nearby sports store. This can be your pick for the best Rakhi gift.

  23. T-shirts exclusively designed for brother sister.

    Brother Sister Tshirt

    Hanging out with family? These t-shirts will give you more crazy and funky look. You can buy these t-shirts from any shopping site or you can get customized them for you too. You can make your Raksha Bandhan special by wearing these tees.

  24. Take him out for dinner.

    Take your foodie brother out for a delicious dinner in his favorite restaurant. He will surely love his sister for such unexpected treat.

  25. Gadgets.

    Smart watch and many gadgets

    Is your brother tech-friendly? Then nothing can be good than buying him his favorite gadgets. Depending on his requirement you can give him a Smart Phone, laptop, smart watch or i-pad.

  26. Camera.

    Gift Camera, DSLR

    This can be the best present for your brother if he loves to capture every moment. This Raksha Bandhan gifts him a DSLR and show your love for him and let him capture this beautiful memory in his new DSLR. Considering the DSLR can be the best Rakhi gift.

  27. Gift for fitness.

    Gym Equipment

    In his hectic schedule if he often skips gym then you can gift him fitness and health by giving him fitness products. Or if he is already a gym lover and is conscious about his fitness then sports bottle, sports bag, gym stuff and fitness band can be his good friends.

  28. Stationery holder.

    Stationary holder

    Whether he is a student or a working person this gift will provide him with great ease. As we all know boys are not good at keeping things in their right places. This stationery holder made by you will help him in getting his stationary on time without any panic.

  29. Sandwich maker.

    Sandwich makers

    If your brother does not know cooking and he often eats outside when the whole family is out then this can be his best buddy. It’s very easy to make sandwich using sandwich maker and he has not to be dependent upon the outside food when you all are out.

  30. Certificate of the best brother.

    Best Brother

    It may sound strange but yes, some sites provide you with this facility. By entering some particulars like your brother’s name, your name you can get a personalized certificate for your brother. You can print this and get it framed. This will be really a unique gift for your brother.

  31. Indoor plants.

    Indoor Plants

    You may gift indoor plants to your brother for his room. This will purify the room environment and will provide various health benefits to your brother. Also, the growing plant will signify your growing love towards each other. This can be of calming attribute and can surely make him happy.

  32. Recharge coupons.

    If he is your younger brother, believe me, it is what all he needs. Various recharge coupons can be given like unlimited calling packs and unlimited 4G data packs.

  33.  A presentation.

    Photo Frames

    To make your brother feel special you can prepare a presentation for him comprising of all the memories from your life. Collect his all rare pictures and add them to clip. You may also prepare a  thanks giving speech for him telling in front of your family what your brother has done for you so far.

  34. Get an appointment in a salon.

    Boys also need to feel good smelling and clean. You can get an appointment for him in his favorite salon where he can get hair spa, hair cut, face massage and all that he requires.

  35. Hire a superbike or a car for him.

    Even if your pocket does not allow you to buy him his favorite super bike or car you can give him the experience of all these by hiring them for a day for making his day special. It will be a memorable experience for him.

    Rakhi Hampers Online

  36. Musical instruments.

    Guitar starting from Rs. 2590/-

    For your music loving brother buy him a musical instrument of his choice like a guitar and believe me it will make your relation melodious. This can be of soothing nature and can take your relationship with your brother to new heights. Choosing a musical instrument can be the best Rakhi gift ever.

  37. Lamps.


    Make a lamp for him showing your creativity for his study. You may take the help of you tube. The lighting of the lamp will brighten the lives of both of you by making your bond stronger.

  38. Rakhi Combo.

    Sister gifts for Brother
    Sister gifts for Brother

    Gift a gorgeous and appealing combination of Krishna Rakhi for brother and some chocolates to your brother this Raksha Bandhan. The wonderful pack encapsulates love and affection for a sister-brother love. The pack costs around Rs. 400, it won’t affect your pocket. Surprise your brother with the exquisite range of chocolates available with Bal Krishna Rakhi Combo. The item surely fits as the best Rakhi gift for brothers.

  39. A ravishing pack of Dry Fruits.

    Dry fruits

    A great looking blend of different dry fruits in alluring jars or a cute gift box is what you need to gift your brother this Raksha Bandhan. Sisters can buy this item for Rs. 1500, the combo contains high-quality dry fruits. This can surely make your brother feel delighted, the best way to shower your affection and love for him can be through gifting the set of imported Dry Fruits. The item is available on major online stores as well.

  40. Ferrero Rocher Bouquet for brother.

    Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

    Chocolates wrapped in attractive red paper for your brothers can be the best way to make him feel great this Raksha Bandhan. The package has 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher divine chocolate, this can be the most intriguing way to make your brother feel important and loved. Rakhi for brother is also available with the astounding pack of Ferrero Rocher Bouquet for you lovely brother.

  41.  Printer.


    Gift a multi-function printer to your brother for his stationery needs. Your brother would definitely feel great when he’ll receive this humble gift from his lovely sister. You can purchase affordable and accountable printers of major brands like HP, Canon and Samsung. This will also promote a sense of responsibility amidst you two. Gifting a printer as a Rakhi gift for a brother can surely do wonders, make your brother happy this Raksha Bandhan and celebrate.

  42.  Bluetooth Speakers.

    Bluetooth speaker

    These days Bluetooth speakers are booming the electronics market and are in high demand. Gift a ravishing Bluetooth speaker to your brother this Raksha Bandhan and make him feel special. You can consider major players like JBL, Bose and more for a reliable and quality Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speaker as a Rakhi gift for brother will surely lead your relationship with your brother to another level.

  43.  Laptop.


    Laptops these days are available at great prices for purchase, gifting a laptop to your lovely brother can be your best pick this Raksha Bandhan. You can consider buying a decent laptop of brands like Lenovo, Dell and Apple. If your brother has to stay online and work, then this can be the best gift possible to ease his load & make him feel loved. So, this Raksha Bandhan gift a striking Laptop to your brother.

  44.  Nutella Gift sets.


    Gift a Hazelnut Nutella to your brother this Raksha Bandhan and enriches the happiness in your brother-sister divine relationship. If your brother is a connoisseur of taste than a gift set of Nutella can be your best pick. The beautiful Rakhi gift for brother pack looks alluring and attractive, it can surely attract the attention of your brother. Make your brother feel delighted this Raksha Bandhan with Nutella.

  45.  Haldirams Rasgulla.


    Yummy Rosgulla from the Halidirams can be of great worth this Raksha Bandhan. Gift your brother a gorgeous set of Haldirams Rosgulla and let the sweet taste enrich your bond. Gifting sweets on pious occasions are our culture, the yummy Rosgulla is surely the best pick.

  46. Printed Cushions.

    Printed cushions

    Embraced while sleeping or watching a tv a cushion is a much-loved thing, it provides comfort to your loved ones. A cushion is a thing to stay and it will constantly remind your brother about how much you love him and care for him, sites like Archie’s allow you to even print your photo to the cushion.

  47. Picture frame.

    Photo Frame

    The most indispensable part of one’s life are memories, whatever be the memories be it of good days or bad days they ought to bring a smile to your face. So, this Raksha Bandhan immortalizes your memories together and gift him a picture frame with a picture of you standing together as an astounding Rakhi gift for the brother, this lovely gesture will surely make him smile.

  48. Shoes.


    Originally designed to protect feet from harsh weather and uncomfortable surfaces shoes have become an important part of our lives and are now seen as a fashion add on. So, this Raksha Bandhan gift your brother a pair of shoes that goes with his style of dressing and provide comfort to his feet.

  49. Bicycle.


    Doing away from the mainstream gifts, a bicycle is not only an awesome gift but it is also a reminder of how much you care for your brother. From being less expensive than driving to helping him live longer and healthier bicycling has countless benefits. So, gift your brother a bicycle and make his life easier and more productive.

  50. Personalized Polaroid Cards.

    Polaroid cards

    There is a thing about Polaroid cards that brings back memories and makes print come alive. Polaroid cards give raw, vintage feel that is impossible to achieve with standard cards. The reverse side of the card is a postcard layout which means you can write your note to your lovely brother and how much he means to you. This item can be your best pick for Rakhi gift for brother.

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