40+ Heart Touching Happy Father’s Day Messages And Father’s Day Greeting Card Ideas

Father’s Day is celebrated to honour Fathers and Father like figures. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in India and in some other countries. The date keeps on changing every year but one thing that doesn’t change is the sentiments of children for their father. On this day Children surprise their father with Father’s Day greeting cards, Special gifts for Father and Father’s day themed Cakes.

Father’s Day is the right occasion to tell your father and father like figures how much you love and appreciate them with Happy Fathers Day Card. You will surely have a couple of Father figures you would like to acknowledge with Father’s Day cards and some heartfelt Father’s Day messages and greetings on the third Sunday in June. Fathers Day Greeting cards for New dads, old dads, granddads, dad-in-law, cool dads, serious dads and there must be a lot more types out there, and without a doubt, Father’s Day is the right time to honour them all. If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, Father’s Day theme cakes, Father’s Day greeting cards or Father’s Day card ideas on what to write in Father’s day greetings then you have come at the right place. We have a list of Father’s Day messages and some lovely looking Funny Father’s Day greeting card designs that speaks your heart and express love.

Read our heart touching Father’s Day messages and express your feelings for your loved ones with a lovely Father’s Day greeting cards online.

Father’s Day Messages For Father

Dad, I will always look up to you no matter how tall I grow. You are my greatest blessing. Happy fathers day” shop now

For me, every day is father’s day. I want to celebrate you every day because you are the best father one can think of. Happy every day, dad” – shop now

“Papa, I miss you. I miss the cheerful and carefree time that I spent with you in childhood. So much has changed over time with me growing up but one thing has not changed and that is my love for you. Happy Father’s day” shop now

“Dear papa, my biggest dream in this life is that I become like you, kind, loving, humble, caring and family oriented as you are. I want to follow all that you have taught me. Warm wishes on Father’s Day!!!”shop now

“You are a really cool Father, Dad. You always understand how I am feeling and what I want. You have been more like a friend and that is the reason I respect you even more. Happy Father’s Day to the friendliest Father evershop now

” Dearest Dad, I love you. You are an amazing son, husband, friend, father and a really humble and caring human being. You are an ideal man according to me. I look up to you in ways more than one. Happy Father’s Day.”shop now

” You held my hand and taught me how to walk. When I failed you taught me how to get up and try again. You taught me how to win a lost battle and always believe in yourself. Thanks for always believing in me, dad. Happy Father’s Day. “shop now

” Dad, you have always believed in me and my dreams and have supported me each and every day. Heartfelt thank you for all the support. I wish you Happy Father’s Day for being the best dad possible.” shop now

” There are three stages in a man’s life: He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus. You are my Santa Claus, dad and always will be. Happy Father Day my Santa.” shop now

“A man who just produces a new life is not a father, a father is much more than that. It’s someone who nurtures, protects, loves and teaches right from wrong. You have done all that a Father must do, dad. For me, you are my superhero. Happy Father’s Day. “shop now

Father’s Day Messages For Husband From Wife

” The most satisfying thing in life is seeing you become an excellent father to our kids. Happy Father’s Day my beloved husband”shop now

” I’m so proud of the kind of human beings our kids are becoming and it’s all because of you teaching them love and kindness. Happy Father’s Day, my dear husband.” shop now

” Our little one is too small to wish you a happy fathers day. But I want to tell you that you are an amazing dad. I see your reflection in our little one and that makes me the happiest. Happy Father’s Day to you my darling husband”shop now

” Thank you for giving me the credit of how well we have raised our kids, dear husband. You are an amazing dad. Happy Father’s Day” shop now

” I sincerely appreciate your love for me and our kids. You have been a really loving husband and father. Happy Father’s Day my lovely husband!” – shop now

” The only thing better than having you as my husband is having you as our children’s father. Happy Father’s Day, darling.”shop now

” Our kids and I adore you and we are so blessed to have a respectful, honest and hardworking man like you in our lives. Happy Father’s Day, Sweetheart.”shop now

” Every day I look at our kids happy and proud of their father and that, in turn, makes me proud for getting married to you. Happy Father’s Day, Hubby.”shop now

” I’m happy that we have invested in our marriage, in our children, and in our life together. I can never thank you enough for being the strongest pillar in my life. I appreciate everything you do for me and our kids. Happy Father’s Day. ” shop now

Father’s Day Messages For First Father’s Day From Wife

You are doing a great job, new dad. I can tell you that from our babies happy face when you are around. Happy First Father’s Day, honey”shop now

“Every time I see you care for our little child with such tenderness, I feel happy and proud of my decision of marrying you. Happy First Father’s Day, my dear hubby”shop now

“Celebrating your first fathers day makes me feel so proud and lucky. I am so proud and happy that you are our child’s father. Happy First Father’s day my lovely husband”shop now

Fathers Day Messages For First Father’s Day From Parents

” I have seen a whole new side of you from the time you became a dad. You have become more responsible, caring, and kind and not just to the child but also everyone around. Happy first Father’s Day, Son”shop now

“I am so proud of you son and now you have someone that will look up to you for a lifetime and make you feel proud. Happy First Father’s Day!”shop now

“Until a few years back, you used to hold my fingers and roam around and see life has come a full circle. You have your own child now. Happy first Father’s Day, Son. I am sure you would become a great dad”shop now

Father’s Day Messages For Grandfather

“Strong roots produce fresh and healthy leaves. Thank you, Granddad, for being the roots of our Family Tree and filling it with love and happiness. Happy Father’s Day. We love you”shop now

“Thank you, Granddad. Thank you for protecting me from everything. Thank you for giving me extra pocket money. Thank you for all the warm hugs whenever I felt low. Thank you for telling me the late night story to help me sleep. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you very much and a very Happy Father’s Day”shop now

“Dad always tells me what an amazing father you were and still are, Granddad. But I want to tell you that you are an amazing grandfather too. You are a shining example of being a perfect father and grandfather. Happy Father’s Day”shop now

“Childhood was so much fun just because of you, Granddad. I have such fond memories of my childhood with you. I really couldn’t have asked for a better grandfather! Happy Father’s Day”shop now

“Sending special Father’s Day wishes to you, my awesome grandfather! Hope your day is filled with the same care and love that you always give to others”shop now

” I’m not with you this Father’s Day, my awesome granddad. Sending you special fathers day wishes. I hope you have a wonderful day and your day is filled with lots of love and good health. I miss you!” shop now

” My life is full of memories of the wonderful things you have done for me and the incredible time I have spent with you. Grandpa, you’re a wonderful person and I love you eternally! Happy Father’s Day!” shop now

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